About Us

We are your personal transportation concierge, ready to assist you with traveling to and from West Alex in Alexandria, VA.

What is Go West Alex?

Go West Alex is your personal travel concierge, here to help you explore your travel options around the Washington, DC region. With our assistance, you can effortlessly connect to the things that matter and places you need to go. Whether that is the office, a sporting event, or just errands in your community, Go West Alex can help.

Go West Alex Services

  • Personalized commute and travel options
  • Telework assistance
  • Special incentives and challenges throughout the year
  • Opportunities to connect with neighbors

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Your Personalized Commute Plan

Tired of your current commute or starting a new job? Request a personalized commute plan that will help you discover options that meet your needs and help you reduce commuting time, expenses, and stress.

Meet Our Team

Matthew Wilke

We are dedicated to helping everyone explore their transportation options at West Alex. Through the Go West Alex website, Facebook group, email listserv, contests, and events, we provide information that expands your transportation options and makes it easy to travel around West Alex and beyond.

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